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Prevent financial difficulties

Remember that you and your potential business partners are responsible for your company's finances and not anyone else, such as an accounting firm.

The most important thing in preventing financial difficulties is keeping your company's finances in balance. Take care of your company's profitability and identify any warning signs of risk in time. Take special care of paying your taxes and statutory payments and prepare for exceptional business situations in advance.

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Ensure profitability

Build your company to make it profitable right from the start. Monitor how its profitability develops and take corrective action if necessary.

Payment difficulties and a financing crisis

Try to identify the signs of payment difficulties and financing crisis in good time. This usually helps you avoid financial difficulties.

Avoid a financing crisis

Make sure that your company's finances are in balance and respond quickly to any changes.

Take care of taxes and statutory payments

If you fail to pay your company’s taxes or statutory payments in time, they incur interest. In the end, they may be collected through enforcement.

Prepare for exceptional situations in business activities

Prepare for situations that differ from normal running of business in advance. This enables you to ensure business continuity.