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Debt arrangement

With the help of a debt arrangement scheme, you can rehabilitate your company’s finances. You should select the arrangement method in accordance with your company's form of business and the extent of its financial difficulties. A payment plan, corporate reorganisation and accelerated reorganisation proceedings can be used by all enterprises. A debt arrangement for a private person, on the other hand, may only be used by a private trader.

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Debt arrangement options

You can choose between a number of debt arrangement options.

Corporate reorganisation

The purpose of corporate reorganisation is to prepare a debt arrangement plan and to rehabilitate your company.

Phases of the reorganisation proceedings

You must apply for corporate reorganisation from a court. The administrator prepares a programme aimed at rehabilitating your business operations.

Accelerated reorganisation proceedings

The aim of the accelerated reorganisation proceedings is ensure a quicker approval of your company’s reorganisation. It may only take one day.

Debt arrangements for a private person

In a debt arrangement for a private person, a payment programme is prepared for your private trader business and your private household