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A company's financial difficulties

Your company may sometimes run into payment difficulties,  face a financing crisis or become insolvent. If your company is unable to pay its invoices despite receiving reminders, it will receive a payment default entry. A payment default entry will damage your company's reputation and make its operations more difficult. You should seek help as soon as possible for the financial difficulties so that your company can be saved.

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Payment difficulties and a financing crisis

Your company may sometimes face payment difficulties or even a financing crisis. Avoid them by making sure its finances are always in balance.

A company's insolvency

Your company is insolvent if it cannot pay its debts on time and the situation will not change in the near future. Seek help before it is too late.

Failure to pay taxes and other statutory payments

If you fail to pay your company’s taxes or statutory payments in time, they incur interest. In the end, they may be collected through enforcement.

Corporate payment default

Your company will get a payment default entry if it fails to pay its invoices despite reminders. The entry will damage your company's reputation.