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Obtaining employees

If your company is able to offer work to an increased number of personnel, consider the options for obtaining new employees from various angles. If you decide to recruit a new employee, plan the recruitment process thoroughly. If you decide to use temporary personnel or subcontractors, make sure that you comply with the obligations of the Contractor’s Liability Act (1233/2006).

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Different recruitment approaches

You may obtain new personnel by hiring or leasing employees. The work may also be performed as an outsourced service.

Job advertising

Advertise your company’s vacancies in appropriate channels. Your job advertisement’s content is crucial to the success of the recruitment process.

Hiring a trainee

You can familiarise yourself with a future professional already during their studies and recruit them after graduation.

Leased employees

Leased employees are not on your company’s payroll, but they carry out work for your company.

Work performed as an outsourced service

Your company may expand its area of expertise and focus on its core competence by commissioning work or using subcontractors.