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Finding employment

Both TE Services and private service providers help you with your job search, choosing a profession and considering a career change. In addition, your municipality may offer employment services to you.

If you are unable to find work with your current education, you can study with student financial aid, with an apprenticeship agreement, in labour market training or sometimes with your unemployment benefit. 

You can receive the unemployment benefit for four months or start-up assistance for at most one year for establishing an enterprise.

There are many ways of putting an end to long-term unemployment. 

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Help with looking for work and choosing a profession

TE Services provides help in finding employment and career planning. You may receive support for the costs of your job search.

From an unemployed person to a student

If you cannot find employment with your current education, consider studying. Studies are supported in many different ways.

From an unemployed person to an entrepreneur

If you cannot find an employer who needs your skills, consider setting up a company.

Long-term unemployment

Have you been unemployed for a long time, do other matters such as your health affect your finding employment? Help is available for your situation.