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Termination of employment with immediate effect

An employment contract may only be dissolved with immediate effect on exceptionally pressing grounds, such as a serious breach or neglect of a fundamental duty of employment.

If you have been absent from work for at least seven working days without giving the employer a valid reason for your absence, then your employment may be deemed dissolved as of the start of the absence.

You may dissolve your employment contract with immediate effect if the employer infringes or neglects a fundamental duty of employment.

A national, local government or wellbeing services county employer may revoke the appointment of a public servant who grossly infringes or neglects the duties of office.

Both the employer and the employee may withdraw from an employment contract without notice during a trial period, but not on grounds that are improper or discriminatory, such as a brief period of illness or because the employee is pregnant.

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Updated: 29/12/2022