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Living in your own home as you age

If you need support for living in your own home

  • for assistance first contact the social welfare services in your wellbeing services county. You get advise and information about available services.
  • you can also buy services from companies or non-governmental organisations , in which case you are entitled to domestic help credit in taxation.

Older people often wish to live in their own homes for as long as possible. The wellbeing services county's services provided at home and services that can be purchased from private companies or non-governmental organisations can help them to do so. If you are worried about coping at home alone or with a family member, ask for support. You may need help because you are ageing or ill, widowed or lonely, or because of the life situation of a family member. You may also need support if you have recently come home from hospital.

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Updated: 26/6/2023