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Handling and disclosure of personal data

Handling of personal data refers to all measures that apply to personal data, such as the collection, disclosure, storing, altering, combining or destruction of this data.

Personal data in the Population Information System

Digital and Population Data Services Agency is the primary data controller for the national Population Information System. Check your personal data recorded in the Population Information System on the Personal data page.

Personal data in other registers

Other agencies, companies and associations are also controllers of personal data registers. They all have their own customer and member registers, and they are responsible for the statutory maintenance and use of these registers themselves.

As a rule, you have the right to receive information on what the data controller is using your data for or the names of the parties to which the data controller is regularly disclosing your information. The data controller must often notify you of your right to be informed and the ways in which this right can be implemented at the time when the data controller initially collects the data. You also have the right to check your personal data that has been entered into the register. When necessary, you can request the correction of incorrect information.

If the requested information is not supplied or the requested corrections are not made, you can ask the Data Protection Ombudsman to investigate the matter.

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Updated: 26/5/2023