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Information to victims of the Vastaamo data breach

A blackmailer has taken sensitive patient information from the Vastaamo Psychotherapy Center.  Read more about the data breach in the Vastaamo press release. On this page you will find instructions on what to do if you are a victim of the break-in.

What to do

If your personal information has been taken and you are being blackmailed in connection with it, do the following:

Do not pay any ransom 

Paying the ransom will not necessarily prevent the blackmailer from releasing the information or passing it on. Do not communicate with the blackmailer in any other way.

Collect evidence 

Write down the events and take a screen shot of the blackmail message. This information might prove useful in the police investigation into the matter.

Report the crime

Report the crime to the police if information that violates your privacy has been spread on line and/or if you have been blackmailed.

Report the violation of data security 

File a Notification of information security violation if your data security has been breached.

Submit a request to check register data

Send a request to Vastaamo to check your personal information, and you will find out what information Vastaamo has about you.

Consider personal block on credits

If you purchase a personal block on credits, nobody will be able to take out loans in your name. Read more:

Consider enacting a block on changes of address 

Nobody will be able to use your data to make a change of address when you file

Ask your billing services to remove your data 

Some billing services might allow the purchase of products against an invoice with very little personal data. You can ask billing services to remove information that you have previously provided. Also ask the billing service to block the use of your information to buy against an invoice.

Consider prohibition of registration 

Ask the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) for a free prohibition of registration to prevent anybody from registering you as a person in charge of an enterprise.

File a disclosure ban on address information with your telecommunications operator 

Ask your telecommunications operator not to disclose your address information. You can also ask for changes to your information to be made conditional to the presentation of an identification document.

Ask search engines to remove information about you 

You can ask search engines to remove personal information pertaining to you: Google personal information removal form, Bing personal information removal request form.

Change your passwords 

Change your passwords in electronic services, and you will improve the data security of your electronic accounts. Make sure that your passwords are long enough.

Consider a disclosure ban on information 

You might also consider an information disclosure ban in the Population Register System (in Finnish).

Ask about your consumer rights

Ask the Consumers’ Union of Finland for advice on your rights as a consumer and as a patient (in Finnish).

Check your insurance policies

Check if your insurance policies cover legal expenses for victims of identity theft.

Seek guidance with the use of electronic services and devices if needed

Guidance with the use of electronic services and devices is provided as a Digital support.

Remember to take care of yourself

Mental Health Finland MIELI’s crisis helpline:

  • Service in Finnish: 09 2525 0111 
  • Service in Arabic and English: 09 2525 0113 
  • Service in Swedish: 09 2525 0112 

Victim Support Finland (RIKU) 116 006 (service primarily in Finnish) 

Text edited by: editorial team
Updated: 3/12/2021