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Tax on property

You have to pay tax to the Finnish Tax Administration on inheritance, valuable gifts, rent income, sales profits, investment income and real estate, for instance.

Rent income, investment income, sales profits and timber selling expenses will be taxed as capital income.

If you receive an inheritance, you have to pay an inheritance tax. The amount of tax depends on the value of the assets you have received and your relationship to the decedent. If you receive gifts to the value of at least EUR 5,000 from the same donor within three years, you must pay gift tax.

If you own a real estate, you have to pay tax to the municipality which annually sets the real estate tax percentage. You have to pay transfer tax in conjunction with the acquisition of real estate or shares in housing associations. If you are a first-time home buyer, 18–39 years old, own at least half of your home and will use it as your primary residence, you are exempt from transfer tax.

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Updated: 6/4/2021