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Pensions before retirement age

If your working ability has declined or you wish to cut down on the amount of work you do before reaching retirement age, there are various options available.

If you have accrued an earnings-related pension, you can receive a partial early old-age pension. You can choose to either continue working or withdraw from working life when receiving this pension. People born in 1963 or before this can receive a partial old-age pension after turning 61. The age limit is a bit higher for people born in 1964 or later. An early pension and working part-time will reduce your overall pension.

Rehabilitation or disability pension when working ability declines

If your work ability has declined because of an illness or a disability before you reach the age required for an old-age pension, deal with the matter early enough and seek rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is the primary option when you have problems with your work ability.

You may also be eligible for a full or partial disability pension either temporarily or for a fixed period. The doctors responsible for your care and your pension provider or Kela will always first determine your potential for rehabilitation. A fixed-term disability pension is called a rehabilitation allowance.

You can return to work after receiving a disability pension immediately when your health so allows. Return to work does not strip you of the right to receiving a disability pension again in the future if your health so requires.

If your disability is due to an occupational accident or occupational disease, you are eligible for a worker's compensation pension. Any other pensions you are entitled to will not reduce your worker's compensation pension, but the worker's compensation pension will reduce your earnings-related pension and national pension.

Early retirement after a wearing working career

You may be eligible for a years-of-service pension if

  • you were born in 1955 or later
  • have worked for a total of at least 38 years primarily in work which can cause wearing
  • your working ability has declined.

The required 38 years of employment can include at most a total of three years of family leave. It also includes short periods of sick leave, or being laid-off or unemployed.

A child is eligible for a survivor's pension after a guardian's death

When a family's guardian i.e. a spouse and/or parent dies, the surviving spouse and the family's children who are minors, can be paid a survivor's pension i.e. a widow's pension or an orphan's pension. A window's pension can in some cases be paid to a former spouse. An orphan's pension is payable to both biological and adopted children.

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    Updated: 6/24/2021