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The earnings-related pension based on past employment is the main source of income for most Finnish pensioners. If you do not receive any earnings-related pension or your earnings-related pension is small, Kela can pay you a national pension. The earnings-related pensions are granted and paid by pension insurance companies. The pensions of the employees of local and central government, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and Kela are managed by Keva. 

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When you retire

You can retire flexibly according to your health and whether you feel willing to work. The later you retire, the larger your pension will be.

Old-age retirement

If you have taken part in working life, your old age pension is earnings-related pension. You may also receive a national pension to supplement it.

Pensions before retirement age

If your working ability has declined or you wish to cut down on the amount of work you do before retirement age, there are various options available.

Pensioner discounts

When you have retired, you are eligible for various pensioner discounts. Ask for possible discounts on e.g. travel tickets and entrance tickets.