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Registration and inspection of vehicles

You must submit a registration notice within seven days of purchasing a car. Car registrations are performed at vehicle inspection stations, insurance companies, automotive dealerships and financing companies.

In addition to cars, registration is required also for:

  • motorcycles and snowmobiles
  • caravans and trailers
  • water scooters
  • sailing boats that are more than 5.5 metres long
  • motorboats, where the engine power is at least 15 kW or 20 horsepower
  • aircrafts.

You may drive your vehicle on public roads only if it has been inspected. The condition of your vehicle and its registration details are inspected at regular intervals. In order to pass the inspection, your vehicle must fulfil the minimum technical requirements, it must be safe to drive and it should not cause unnecessary environmental hazards.

Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom) is responsible for vehicles' registrations and inspections.

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Updated: 6/5/2020