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Information for EU-citizens in Your Europe portal

If you are interested in moving to another EU country or you already live in an EU country other than Finland, you will find practical advice and information in the Your Europe portal. This site gives you answers to questions concerning travelling and other temporary staying.

The portal is divided into two main sections, one being addressed to citizens and the other one to companies. The contents is produced in all EU languages.

In the citizens section you can find information about your rights and obligations when travelling, living, working, retiring, studying or when you need healthcare services in another EU country. This section gives you advice also on vehicles and consumer rights.

The business section is your practical guide on doing business in the EU countries.

The website contains information regarding all EU countries as well as country-specific information and links.

On this site you can also find contact information to EU assistance services that offer more personalised or detailed help and advice.

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Updated: 4/13/2021