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Driving licences and permits

You need a driving licence for driving a motor vehicle. Driving licences have been divided into different categories.  The category determines what kind of vehicle you are allowed to drive. For example, you cannot drive a lorry if your driving licence is for a passenger car.

Driving licence for a passenger car

To get a driving licence for a passenger car, you have to

  1. obtain a driving licence permit from one of Ajovarma's offices, through Finnish Transport and Communications Agency's (Traficom) electronic services or from your driving school 
  2. receive a sufficient amount of driving instruction at a driving school or from a teacher who has a permit for driving instruction
  3. complete the Theory training for candidates for first driving licences (EAS), if you have not already completed it before
  4. complete the risk training 
  5. pass the driving examination.

When you have passed the driving examination, you will receive a certificate proving this and your driving licence will be posted to you later. Your driving licence is valid usually for fifteen years. After that you will have to renew it.

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Updated: 12/10/2019