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End of a cohabitation relationship or divorce

A divorce application can be filed by both spouses together or by one of the spouses alone. Divorce is filed at the district court of the home municipality of one of the spouses.  You can agree with your spouse on how your property is divided, the care and maintenance of your children and all other shared matters the way you want. The only precondition is that you both have to be satisfied with the decision. If you cannot reach an agreement, you can seek outside help.

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What happens in a divorce?

Family mediation and the child supervisor provide guidance and help.

Legal aid at the end of a cohabitation relationship or in a divorce

The divorcing married or cohabiting couple may need legal aid in matters related to the care of the children and the division of the property.

Coping in a divorce situation or at the end of a relationship

There are many types of help available for the changes and reflection caused by the divorce.