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Pregnancy and parenthood

Maternity clinics support and advise expectant parents on pregnancy and the prospective parenthood. If the parents are not married when the child is born, paternity must be confirmed separately. When a female couple receive a child with the help of fertility treatment, the non-biological mother can be confirmed as the child’s other mother. Apply to Kela for family benefits.

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Maternity clinics monitor the wellbeing of the pregnant woman and the foetus during pregnancy.

Confirming the paternity of a father or the maternity of another mother

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency can confirm a person’s paternity or maternity after acknowledgement of parentage.

Leave and benefits for the parents of small children

As the parent of a small child, you have the right to certain types of family leave, such as maternity, paternity or parental leave.

Naming your child

Parents must notify the Population Information System of their child’s name within three months of the child’s birth.