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Difficulties in a family with children

Parents can receive help for any difficulties that are related to the growth and development of a baby, child and adolescent from various municipal services. These services include family counselling centres and school health care services. Families with children are also provided with support for any troubles that are related to their finances, health and ability to cope. Several organisations and churches also help families with children who are experiencing difficulties or crises. 

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Get help and support for parenthood

You can contact the municipal family counselling centre as a family if you have a crisis in your family.

Difficulties with a child or a young person

There are many types of help available if you have problems in the daily life of the family. Don’t delay seeking help.

Taking into care safeguards the child’s best interests

Supporting the child’s life at home is always the priority in child welfare. However, home is not always the best place to live.