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Checklist for arranging a funeral

The next of kin can arrange a funeral independently or purchase the service fully or partially from a funeral home.

  • Find out whether the deceased had a last will and testament on their burial or had otherwise expressed their wishes. Respect these wishes as much as possible.
  • Find out how much money is available and draw up a budget.
  • Make sure that a doctor has issued a burial permit.
  • If the deceased belonged to the Lutheran Church or another denomination, agree on the time and content of the ceremony with the denomination. If the deceased did not have a religion, the next of kin can plan the ceremony in the manner they please. 
  • Find out which tasks family and friends want to arrange themselves and which services will be purchased from a funeral home. In addition to purchasing a coffin or urn, the funeral home will see to preparing the body in the coffin and transporting the deceased to the funeral and burial place.
  • Acquire a burial place for the coffin or urn.
  • Tell those people who you want at the funeral of the date of the funeral. Decide on who will be pallbearers. Remember to get flowers and the catering/food for a possible memorial event.
  • Decide on a gravestone or plaque with the funeral home or the stonemasonry.
  • Decide on the maintenance of the grave with the party that maintains the cemetery.  
  • Save receipts on purchases for the estate inventory. Receipts may also be needed in the potential distribution of matrimonial assets and the distribution of inheritance.

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Updated: 10/19/2018