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Sorting of waste

Pay proper attention to how you deal with waste. Under the law, you must sort, recycle or re-use as much of your waste as possible. 

Sort the waste. Place biowaste, paper, glass, cardboard and metal and plastic packaging in dedicated recycle bins. If there are no separate recycle bins where you live, take your waste for recycling to the local collection centres. If you do not live in a block of flats, you should compost your biowaste if possible.

As the occupant of the property, you should provide a waste collection point, i.e. a waste bin, from where the bin men can collect mixed waste that cannot be recycled. The waste bin may also serve as the waste collection point for several properties. General waste bins at detached houses are normally emptied every two weeks, but residents can also agree on how often the bin should be emptied with the local authority environmental authority or with the joint authority that is responsible for processing waste.

Some of the waste you have to take to the local waste management service point yourself. Such waste would include home appliances, other electrical equipment and hazardous waste, such as impregnated wood, batteries, paint and solvents. You can also take electronic waste to shops that sell electrical equipment. Medicine waste should always be taken to a pharmacy. 

If your articles for recycling are large you can request that they are collected, but you will have to pay for this service. Organisations responsible for waste management organise spring cleaning events. They bring recycling containers and pallets for holding waste to residential areas. The organisers provide residents with the latest information about recycling at the same time.

Recycling and waste management organisers will give you individual advice about re-use of usable objects. For example, on the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority’s (HSY) web pages you can see what they recommend you to do with each kind of object. 

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Updated: 6/12/2019