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Prolonged sick leave

If you become ill for a short while and think you will be out of work for a few days, immediately inform your employer. Employer policies in this matter vary: for some it is enough that you let them know, but others will ask for a medical certificate from a nurse or a doctor for each day that you are on sick leave.

If you have an illness that is serious or prohibits you from working for a prolonged period, you must see either an occupational health care doctor, a specialist or a general practitioner at either a health care centre or a private clinic. The doctor will treat you and assess your capacity for work and give you a doctor's statement on it. With an A form certificate, you can apply for sick leave for up to 60 working days, and with a B form statement, for up to 300 working days. You also need a B form statement to apply for partial and full disability pension for a fixed term or until further notice as well as rehabilation.

If you are an employee and your incapacity for work is about to be prolonged to over 90 working days, you also need a 90 day's statement. It is an evaluation by an occupational health physician (or a physician who knows your work conditions) on your remaining capacity for work and your possibilities in continuing at work.

If your illness was caused by an accident at work or an occupational disease, your doctor will give you an E form statement. Worker’s compensation pensionOpens in a new window. can be paid to you in both temporary and permanent cases of incapacity for work.

A medical certificate does not automatically give you a right to sickness allowance provided by Kela. If you are an employee, you will only get sickness allowance after you have been away from work for 1 + 9 days.

Kela may reject your application for sickness allowance for example if

  • the illness, impairment or injury is not so severe that it can be considered to prevent you from working
  • the illness or disability diagnosed by the physician earlier no longer causes inability to work
  • Kela has not received a sufficient account of your health
  • you do not provide Kela with the additional information it has requested.

If Kela rejects your application, you have the right to talk to your doctor again and give more information in your application. You can appeal a decision given to you.

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Updated: 26/7/2022