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Choosing other healthcare services

The provision and practices of laboratory and medical imaging services, physiotherapy, assistive devices and rehabilitation services vary between municipalities and regions. There is no specific legislation on freedom of choice in respect of these public healthcare services. 

The municipalities and hospital districts responsible for public healthcare can decide themselves how freedom of choice will be put into practice in laboratory and medical imaging services, in physiotherapy and in assistive devices and rehabilitation services. The practices of the municipalities and hospital districts can also vary, for example, in whether a client is required to notify them of their decision to change services in writing.  Additional information can be obtained from your municipality or hospital district.  

The municipality has an obligation to provide home nursing only within its own area. In most municipalities home nursing has been combined with home services and as part of services for the elderly. Medical equipment and supplies used in home nursing, and which are entered in your care plan and constitute part of the treatment of a chronic illness, are always included in your care.

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In collaboration with: Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (MSAH), The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)
Updated: 6/7/2019