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Acting as an informal carer

The help that loved ones give to each other can gradually turn into an informal care relationship. For example, a typical situation involves an elderly spouse or parent who keeps needing more and more help.

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Becoming an informal carer

If you are close to a sick, disabled or elderly person, you may act as their informal carer and receive informal care support.

Financial support for informal care

Informal care support includes the services provided to the care recipient, and the carer's fee, time off and informal care support services.

Help for arranging informal care

You can receive support with household duties, special aids, and meal, bathing and transport services as well as assistance for home alteration work.

Training, leaves and coping of informal carers

The municipality is responsible for ensuring that informal carers are able to cope and have days off and, if necessary, organising training.

Support for the informal care of a sick or disabled child or young person

If you take care of your child with a long-term illness or a disability at home, you may have the right to receive informal care support.