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About website

Workspace relates essentially to the portal.

From the site Workspace of you can find online services and forms for the public sector.

The Workspace site has only limited contents - on the Finnish pages (Työhuone) you can find information on portal, the shared e-services for Finnish public administration and Quality criteria for the online services of public administration.

The Workspace is  produced by the editorial team. The editorial team is located at the State Treasury.

Using the website

The main menu for the site is in the top tool bar. The menu for each section appears on the left-hand side of the page. The breadcrumb trail at the top of the page shows where the page is located in the website.

You can enlarge or reduce the text using the magnifying-glass buttons (Zoom in and Zoom out) in the top corner of the page.

The links on the forms pages open in an own browser window. The files usually open in the program application determined by the file format.

If you want to print the page view with its navigation, you can use the print command of the browser.

The date on which the page was last updated appears on the centre column.


You can look for information by browsing or using the search function:

The search will only cover the information in the Workspace site. The section E-services for authorities has also a separate search, that only search through the web services and forms.

Content criteria

The Workspace site provides forms and e-services for the public sector and officials. Ultimately, the editorial team has the final say on whether a link submitted is suitable for inclusion.


You can send feedback on the Quality to the Web site using the feedback form. There is a link to the feedback form in the bottom of each page. Feedback on links should be sent directly to the bodies responsible for that particular content, using the feedback function of each particular service.

Processing of personal data

The website is maintained in accordance with the principles of the Personal Data Act. We do not compile a register of personal data on the website’s users. An e-mail address or other contact details will only be requested when users require answers to questions or feedback.

Statistical data is collected on the use of the website so that it can be developed. The website will set a cookie so that the number of visitors and hits can be collected more reliably. Statistics are compiled on the use of the portal and the Quality to the Web site regarding the number of users, country, time, browser used and operating system, search terms used and the data on how visitors arrive at and where they go after that.

The website also sets a cookie when the zoom buttons to enlarge or reduce the size of text are used.

Linking to the portal and copyright issues

Links to the Quality to the Web site can be freely created, and information in the site can be freely used as long as the source is credited and dated.

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