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Finland essentials

The Finland essentials section features useful links to webpages by organisations and webservices offered by the public administration. The links offer essential facts about Finnish society and culture. The links have been grouped under seven topics.

Nature and geography

The Finnish nature is unique and diverse. Basic information about Finnish environment is available in the form of statistics, maps and articles.


Statistics on the population in Finland give numeric information about various phenomena, population structure and changes over the years. The population forecasts reflect the future development.     

Economy and business life

National economy and business life have an effect on the welfare of every citizen. Research institutes and the Ministry of finance follow the national economy in the form of statistics and forecasts.

  • Statistics Finland - National accounts
    Statistics on gross domestic product, national balance of supply and demand, net national income and current account.
  • Findicator's statistics on economy
    Information about the development of the gross domestic product and other statistics on the national economy.
  • Economic prospects
    The ministry of finance monitors, forecasts and analyses the economic development in Finland. The ministry publishes surveys and forecasts about the economic development.
  • Finland's bank
    Publications and statistics by the monetary authority and general information about monetary policy and maintenance of currency supply among other things.
  • Customs - Foreign trade statistics
    Statistics on the goods trade between Finland and other states. The statistics concern the value and transports of foreign trade and border traffic.


Public social and health services are arranged for the whole population. The aim is to maintain health and wellbeing in different population groups.

Communication and media

To a significant extent society's operations are based on exploiting electronic information and communications networks. The way the citizens use the means of communication is studied and compiled in statistics.


Roughly speaking the history of Finland can be divided in to two eras; the era of great powers and the era of independent Finland. The past times have had their share in shaping the post-war, modern society.

National symbols and holidays

The essential annual holidays relate to national traditions and religious feasts. The national and regional symbols are used both on feast days and in everyday life.   

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