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Working capacity and occupational safety by keyword employees

Employees’ working capacity is evaluated on the basis of how they cope with the demands of the job. Coping at work can be promoted and improved by paying timely attention to the physical and mental aspects of well-being at work.

Kela and pension insurance companies provide occupational rehabilitation in situations where an employee’s working capacity has been reduced and they are at risk of becoming unemployed.

Employers must ensure the safety and appropriate conditions of the workplace. They organise preventative occupational health services for their employees. The employer can also choose to provide medical care and other health services.

Occupational health and safety promotes the health of employees and safety in the working environment and prevents occupational accidents and diseases. Employers are legally bound to monitor the working environment and any possible risk factors in it. The occupational health and safety authorities of the Regional State Administrative Agencies, which act under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, oversee and produce guidelines for occupational health and safety practices and, if necessary, address any shortcomings.

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