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Rules and regulations in working life

An employment contract is concluded between the employer and employee. It constitutes agreement on duties, pay and other work-related matters. Employment contracts can be fixed-term contracts or valid until further notice.

Employment contracts must be drawn up in accordance with the collective agreement between the employers’ association and the trade union for the sector. The pay and other terms set out in the collective agreement must be complied with in employment contracts. If no binding collective agreement exists for the sector, the minimum terms are governed by law.

Employers need the personal data of their employees in order to pay wages, taxes, insurance contributions and so on. Collecting and processing this data is regulated by laws on privacy protection.

Discrimination of any kind is prohibited. Maintaining and improving gender equality in working life is supervised by the Ombudsman for Equality and the Non-discrimination Ombudsman works against discrimination on all grounds. A person who has experienced some kind of discrimination can turn to the occupational safety and health unit of the nearest Regional State Administrative Agency.

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