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Imports and exports

Travellers may freely import goods and products acquired within the European Union for their own use. There are some exceptions connected with the import of vehicles, tobacco products, plants and animals.

The import requirements for animals vary according to species and country of origin. Domestic pets travelling with their owners are generally exempt from taxation, but there are vaccination requirements applying to them.

Import requirements are determined by whether animals are imported from other EU Member States or non-EU countries. The regulations may change quickly, depending on the animal disease situation in the country of origin.

Endangered animals and souvenirs made from such animals may be on sale in marketplaces and streets. According to international treaties, endangered plants and animals and their parts may not be purchased or sold without permission.

There are limits on tax-free imports from outside the EU. For instance, only certain amounts of alcohol and tobacco may be imported, even if they are intended for personal consumption. Commercial imports are always subject to tax.

Information on import and export restrictions can be obtained from the Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira), Finnish Customs and the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE.

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