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The most important element in financial management is keeping income and expenditure in balance. This holds true just as much for general government finances as it does for households. People who work pay taxes out of their income to municipalities and the government, and the taxes are used to fund services that are maintained with public funding. Companies and those receiving a capital income are liable to pay tax on their profits. Banks are responsible for processing payments and provide various savings, loan and investment services.

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  • Exchange rates  link
    Exchange rates published by the European Central Bank.
    Bank of Finland
  • Base rate and penalty interest  link
    The Ministry of Finance confirms the base rate of interest for half a year at a time each June and December. The reference rate used in determining penalty interest is confirmed by the Bank of Finland.
    Ministry of Finance
  • Interest rates  link
    Statistics on Finnish interest rates. Daily and monthly Euribor quotes, Eurosystem interest rates, central bank interest rates, Finnish bank deposit rates, lending and deposit rates, rates on new lending to households, reference rates.
    Bank of Finland
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