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Currency and interest rates

Currency refers to the money and monetary unit of a certain country or currency area. Exchange rate refers to the value of a currency in another currency. The current exchange rate of the Euro in relation to other currencies is given on the Bank of Finland website.

Interest refers to the price of money. Up-to-date information on Euribor interest rates and administrative interest rates, such as the base rate and the penalty interest rate banks' own reference rates as well as the ECB interest rates is published on the Bank of Finland website.  

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  • All of Finland

  • Annulled notes ja coins Link to service information link
    Information about annulled Finnish banknotes and coins. The Bank of Finland will not convert mark banknotes or coins into euro after 29 February 2012.
    Bank of Finland
  • Interest rates Link to service information link
    Statistics on Finnish interest rates. Daily and monthly Euribor quotes, Eurosystem interest rates, central bank interest rates, Finnish bank deposit rates, lending and deposit rates, rates on new lending to households, reference rates.
    Bank of Finland
  • Exchange rates Link to service information link
    Exchange rates published by the European Central Bank.
    Bank of Finland
  • Euro banknotes and coins Link to service information link
    Using euro notes and coins. History of the euro, security issues, general information.
    European Central Bank ECB
  • Base rate and penalty interest Link to service information link
    The Ministry of Finance confirms the base rate of interest for half a year at a time each June and December. The reference rate used in determining penalty interest is confirmed by the Bank of Finland.
    Ministry of Finance

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