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A licence is usually required in Finland to hunt and fish.

Hunting is only permissible during hunting seasons. Hunting quotas are set for some game animals, such as elks. The aim in having hunting seasons and quotas is to regulate game population. Hunting animals is not allowed during their reproductive periods.

Recreational fishing generally requires a licence, except for ice fishing and angling. Some species of fish and crayfish are protected at certain periods. The spawning grounds, habitats and migratory routes of important species of fish are protected for set periods to preserve fish stocks. Fishing is also restricted in areas where the Saimaa seal is found.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is responsible for drafting laws on fishing and hunting and for setting hunting permit quotas. All fishers must pay the annual fishing management fee to Metsähallitus. In return, they will receive a fishing licence. Hunters, in turn, must pay the game management fee to the Finnish Wildlife Agency to obtain a hunting licence.

In addition to the appropriate licence, permission is required from the owner of the land where the fishing or hunting will take place. Metsähallitus sells the licences concerning fishing and hunting in state-owned territories.

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