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Wild plants and animals

Finland’s natural resources include rich flora and fauna. You should not disturb wild animals when staying in summer cottages and when out in nature. If you encounter an animal that is sick or otherwise in a vulnerable state, you should try to help it.

Wild plant and animal species are protected in order to retain the vitality of their native and established populations. A species is considered endangered if its natural survival in Finland is in danger. Endangered species can be protected.

About six hundred alien species have become established in Finland, some of which are a threat to diversity. Of the alien invasive species, 157 are known to have adverse impacts on our environment. For example, the spread of giant hogweeds and lupins leads to the suffocation of native plants.

The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) monitors the state of the Baltic Sea and produces a wide range of environmental data about a number of things including its plants, animals and micro-organisms. The Baltic Sea has been designated as a Particularly Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA), due to which maritime traffic can be required to comply with stricter safety regulations.

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