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Assistance with integration, e.g. language classes, helps immigrants to get started in Finland. People who have moved to Finland from abroad can, on certain conditions, be covered under the Finnish social security system. Everyone living in Finland must have a personal identity number issued by the local register office. Personal identity number can be applied for in connection with a residence permit application.

In employment, foreigners have the same rights and duties as Finns. Advice on living in Finland, the social security system, language classes, finding work and housing is available from the authorities and relevant organisations.

With some exceptions, everyone living permanently in Finland has the right to social welfare benefits from Kela. Permanent residence means, for example, that the person concerned has a contract of employment for at least two years, has returned to Finland after spending time abroad or has close family ties to someone living in the country.

Whether or not a foreign worker receives social security depends on their home country and how long they have been working in Finland. Also of importance is whether the person’s employer is foreign or operates in Finland. Employees, entrepreneurs and family members may be subject to different regulations.

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