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Legal proceedings and criminal cases by keyword right to justice

Courts are independent and bound only by the law currently in force. They are tasked with settling civil and criminal cases. The independent status of courts is stated in the Constitution. Outside parties cannot interfere with decisions the courts make.

District courts deal with civil and criminal cases, and petitions. Civil cases concern the settlement of disputes between individuals or companies, such as claims for compensation, disputes over inheritance and disputes over agreements. Criminal cases include theft, drunken driving and acts of violence. Petitions cover divorces and custody issues.

In general, appeals against district court decisions can be placed before a court of appeal. Some appeals require permission for continued consideration from the court of appeal. An appeal can be lodged with the Supreme Court against a judgement made by a court of appeal, but only if the Supreme Court grants leave to appeal.

Courts do not give advice on pleading. Law firms can help in such issues.

Administrative courts deal with appeals made against decisions by the authorities. Decisions made by the administrative courts can be appealed to the Supreme Court. Certain special fields have their own courts.

Offences should be reported to the police. The police will begin a criminal investigation if there is reason to suspect that a crime has been committed. Not all offences reported to the police lead to criminal investigation.

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