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Personal data and names by keyword protection of privacy

Personal data includes all data that can be connected with people and their families. These are name, personal identity code and address.

The personal identity code remains unchanged throughout a person’s life. Changing the code is only possible in justifiable cases, such as gender reassignment or witness protection. The code is assigned to a Finnish citizen born in Finland or abroad on the basis of a birth certificate. A child born in Finland is issued with a personal identity code automatically once the hospital has reported the child’s birth to the population information system. A Finnish citizen born outside Finland can obtain a personal identity code by presenting their birth certificate at a local register office. A foreign national residing in Finland permanently or on a long-term basis can be issued with a personal identity code by a local register office. Those foreign nationals who need a residence permit can apply for a personal identity code at the same time as they apply for their first residence permit.

A person who is resident in Finland and registered in the Finnish population register may change their first or last name in Finland. Depending on the circumstances, name changes may be made by submitting an application or notifying a register office.

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