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Real estate

Basic information on real estate is available from the cadastral register of the National Land Survey of Finland: the name and area of the property, any easements involving the property, part-ownerships of common areas, and the town planning situation. This information is also needed in property transactions and in matters concerning building permits. The National Land Survey of Finland also maintains an Official Purchase Price Register, which contains data on real estate transactions that have already been concluded. Real estate transactions and real estate ownership are subject to taxation.

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  • Official Purchase Price Register Link to service information link
    The National Land Survey maintains an official purchase price register based on real estate transactions.
    National Land Survey of Finland
  • Cadastre Link to service information link
    The Cadastre shows individual cadastral units of land ownership and parcels and areas separated from them.
    National Land Survey of Finland
  • Report on employee details E-service e-service
    Project supervisors must file reports on the details of their own employees and of other contractors' employees who work at the site. Information on self-employed workers and leased employees must also be reported. Log in to fill out the electronic for...
    Tax Administration
  • Report on construction - Households E-service e-service
    Households must file reports to the Tax Administration for all the building and construction work for which a permit is needed if the final inspection is on 1 July 2014 or later. Reports must be filed before conducting the final inspection. Log in to ...
    Tax Administration
  • Report on contract details E-service e-service
    As of 1 July 2014, customers who buy construction services must file site-specific reports to the Tax Administration in order to give details on their contracts and contractors. All customers who buy construction services are required to file. The requ...
    Tax Administration
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