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Most of content is available in a machine readable format. XML is the default format in the REST API but the contents are also available in JSON for easier use in browser-based applications.

The query URL of the API is Adding formal terms to the URL lets you retrieve specific contents. The default content language is Finnish. For contents in English or Swedish, just add the code "en" or "sw" to the query URL. The URL for English contents is

An "apikey" parameter and your apikey code are required with every query. To get your apikey code, use the form on the page (in Finnish) REST apikeyn tilaus.

Below are some examples of how to use the API. service categories service categories correspond to the categories in the Services by topic section of

A listing of all service categories can be retrieved with these queries: (Finnish) (Swedish) (English)

Adding service category name to the query URL will yield detailed data for the sub-categories in each service category, along with keywords and page content in html. For example, data in the English language version of the Housing and Construction category can be retrieved with the query:

There are several content types within the service categories. These include links and forms. For example, nationwide content for these content types in the Housing and construction category can be retrieved with:

Municipal information can be retrieved by adding the municipality's name to the query. For example, Helsinki's service links in the Housing and construction category can be retrieved with:

Regions and municipalities includes an up to date listing of Finland's regions and municipalities. For example, the query URL for the listing of municiplaities in the Uusimaa region is:

Data on the Vihti municipality and their services can be retrieved with:

Organizations' forms and e-services

Using's REST API you can retrieve the e-services and forms not only of municipalities but of other public sector organizations as well. The queries are per organization and the basic form is{organization_name}?apikey=xxxx

When creating the query, the organization name must be comply with the form used in the listing for the query /rest/organizations/. For example, the Kela forms and e-services are retrieved using the query

Other query parameters

A selection of parameters added to a query URL can be used to define the format, filtering and order of the retrieved data. for example, service links for Housing and construction in JSON are retrieved with:

All service links added since August 10, 2010, can be retrieved with:

All service links added before August 10, 2010, can be retrieved with:

Query results can be ordered according to title (sort=title; this is the default option), date (sort=date) or popularity (sort=popularity, only applicable to links and forms). For example, all service links in alphabetical order are retrieved with:

All service links sorted by date, oldest to latest, are retrieved with:

The Sort-parameter can be further defined with the reverse=true parameter that turns the sorting order around. For example, links sorted by date, from latest to oldest, are retrieved with:

The number of query results can be limited using the limit=xx parameter. If you only want the ten latest links, use:

Note that the Limit parameter always comes last, so it can only limit the query results defined by other parameters.

The ten most popular links are retrieved with:

Summary of all query types (for Finnish content query URL structure; to get English content, see language code instructions above):

Service categories{service_category}/?apikey=xxxx{service_category|oid}/forms/?apikey=xxxx{service_category|oid}/forms/{kunta|oid}/?apikey=xxxx{service_category|oid}/links/?apikey=xxxx{service_category|oid}/links/{kunta|oid}/?apikey=xxxx{service_category|oid}/laws/?apikey=xxxx




Service links{organization|oid}/?apikey=xxxx{servicecategory|oid}/?apikey=xxxx{oid}/?apikey=xxxx



On a web page that uses content, the source should be mentioned, for example like this: "This information is retrieved from the portal produced in the State Treasury."

The team is happy to receive information on any web page or site that uses the REST.


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