The new will replace three services in 2017: the current portal, and Workspace, the web site for services for authorities.Visit the development version of the new
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First page / About / Content

Content contains the following information:

  • E-services contains e-services and forms provided by authorities through, complete with instructions on how to use them. You can also practice filling in an online form here.
  • Services by topic includes 14 service topics. There are also four service guides for special groups: the unemployed, the seriously ill, the elderly and those using sign language. The guides are available only in Finnish and Swedish.
  • State and municipalities has content describing Finnish society and public administration. It gives access to specific municipalities' own web pages.


On the front page of the e-services section, you can search for e-services and forms offered by the authorities through You can search using search terms or browse by topic. To make your search easier, there is also a list of the most popular e-services and forms on the page. This section also contains instructions for using the e-services and forms available through You can also practice filling in an online form either independently or using the practice track.

On E-services you can also find Citizen's account, which is a secure channel for electronic communications, decisions and messages between authority and citizen. Using Citizen’s account you can receive, in electronic form instead of by post, official decisions that affect you. You can use your citizen’s account to check the progress of an application and send in additional information to support your application. Please note that this is possible only if the authority in question has connected their service to Citizen’s account.

The My e-services page lets you save web forms by certain organizations. You can save web forms you have sent and use their data again later when filling other forms. It’s also possible to fill up a form in several sessions, with changes saved at the end of each session.

Services by topic

Each topic page is divided into three columns: the menu on the left, the content in the middle and further information on the right.

Topic pages contain text and links. The text is a brief introduction to the topic, while more detailed information can be found through the links. The links show the title, description, URL and the body responsible for it. The URL contained in the link can always be made visible by hovering the mouse pointer over the link title. On the right, there are links to e-services and forms related to the subject covered on the page provided by the authorities through The list on the right can also include links within the portal.

State and municipalities

This section presents the structure, organisations and functions of Finnish public administration. Searchable contact information is available for public sector officials and organizations in the Government's Contact Information Directory maintained by Government ICT Centre Valtori.

The section contains links to the individual municipalities’ own pages. Each municipality has its page, where the e-services and forms of the municipality are available behind one link. All the other service information of the municipality is also collected there by topic. Contact information and statistical information on the municipality is available. Most of the information emanates from the online service of the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities.

Other content

The A-Z index is an alphabetical list of keywords, organisations and municipalities.

The Other languages page guides the user to the Infopankki online service, which is intended for immigrants.

Content criteria contains links to public services that are intended for citizens and produced by central government agencies, institutions, municipalities, state-owned companies or unincorporated state enterprises. National organisations and other bodies can be linked if they perform statutory duties or if they substantially complement the services of the public sector. A private enterprise can ask to be linked to on condition that they offer one or more e-services connected to energy, waste or water services in one or more municipalities.

Private or commercial information is not linked to Small local associations and organisations will also not be linked to In addition to services produced by a municipality, there are links to services procured by a municipality from private enterprise.

Ultimately, the editorial team has the final say on whether a submitted link is suitable for the portal.'s Workspace

The Workspace site of includes information for the producers of public-sector online services and those maintaining the links and forms. The Workspace includes e-services and forms intended for public servants. In addition, it includes the quality criteria for public-sector online services and an assessment tool related to them. Organisations are able to receive information on joining the platform and on matters related to online authentication and payments (Vetuma). The site also includes instructions and guidelines for designing online services of high quality, as well as general information on and the organisation responsible for its production and supervision.

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