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Register details

1. Registrar

Government ICT Centre Valtori
Vapaudenkatu 58
40100 Jyväskylä, Finland
Email: kirjaamo(at)

2. Person in charge of register issues and/or contact person

Tuomo Kouhia
Government ICT Centre Valtori
Siltasaarenkatu 18-20 A
00530 Helsinki

3. Name of register

My e-services

4. Use of personal details (purpose of register)

Saving, editing and storing of the customer's uncompleted e-forms; saving and storing of customer's e-forms sent to authorities.

The service is applicable only with e-services built on the platform. The forms and their customer created information, saved in My e-services, are accessible only to the customer him/herself. Using the service requires identification with either e-banking codes or citizen certificate.

The register is based on the customer's own decision that he/she wishes the e-forms to be saved in My e-services.

5. Information content of Register

E-forms and the information on them saved by the customer in My eServices. Sent forms are retained in My eServices for up to 24 months and partially completed forms up to 3 months. At the close of these periods, the forms and  information are automatically deleted. The customer can delete these materials any time before the deadline by logging into his/her My eServices in the portal.

6. Regular sources of information

The customer adds e-forms and information contained therein to My eServices according to his/her own needs.

7. Regular handovers of information and transfers of information outside the EU and the European Economic Area

No regular handovers.

8. Register protection principles

  • A. Hard copy
    No hard copies
  • B. Data saved on computers
    The Register will be saved on a server which can only be accessed by the registrar and which cannot be accessed by third parties. Information will not be handed over to third parties.
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