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IBAN numbers and bank BIC codes

Finnish banks are part of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) system. Finnish bank account numbers have adopted the international bank account number format (IBAN).

From the beginning on August 2014 the account numbers must always be given in IBAN format. Depending on the eservice in question, users must, if required, also state their bank’s BIC code.

You will find your IBAN number on your bank statement or at the online banking website. The Finnish IBAN starts with FI and has 18 characters. You can convert an old Finnish bank account number to IBAN format using the calculator on your bank’s website.

You should not try to compose your IBAN number or BIC code yourself: they should be obtained either from your bank statement, using the calculator on your bank´s website or your online bank!

An example of an old bank account number and one in IBAN format

Old bank account number: 500015-456

IBAN number: FI1350001540000056

Examples of BIC codes

  • AABAFI22

IBAN stands for International Bank Account and is in fact an international bank account number. The IBAN consists of the country code, two check digits and the account number. A Finnish IBAN will always be 18 characters long.

The BIC code (Bank Identification Code, SWIFT code) is a code made up of 8 or 11 characters that identifies the bank or bank group that a payment is going to.

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