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Identification on behalf of child

Some e-services require user identification. You can electronically identify yourself using either your online bank identifiers or a certificate card equipped with a Citizen Certificate.

In case of a minor, the parents can use e-services on behalf of their child. This requires that the child has his/her own online bank identifiers or certificate card the parents can use in the identification process. However, not all banks issue banking codes to minors under 15. If necessary, ask your bank about their rules in the matter.

An identification card is applied from the police. The card is valid for five years. Using e-services requires a card reader and free card reader software. The application (mPollux Digisign Client) can be downloaded at the Population Register Centre’s service. A certificate card equipped with a Citizen Certificate that can be used for identification in e-services can be issued to a minor provided that the custodians grant their permission.

Most of Kela’s services connected to a child’s medical treatment are applied for with the parent’s Social Security number. The parent in such a case uses his or her own Social Security number when logging in to Kela’s e-services. Information that can be accessed with the child’s own Social Security number are, for instance, reimbursements for the child’s medical care costs, disability allowance for a minor under 16, and family pension.

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