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Data security

Using web forms and e-services is safe as far as data security is concerned. Communications between services and users are encrypted against intervention by outside parties using SSL encryption, a method commonly used in online services.

When a connection is encrypted, you can see that the URL in the address field begins with https: (instead of http:). Also, most browsers display an image of a lock at the bottom corner of the browser screen when an encrypted connection is used. Pages loaded over an encrypted connection are not stored in the browser cache.

If you use a public terminal, exit all programs and services before you leave the computer. If you have used services where confidential information is handled, clear the browser cache too. This will remove temporary Internet files from the computer. You can find instructions on how to clear the cache in the help file of the browser itself.

In addition to accessed pages being stored in the cache, the URLs of pages visited are also stored in the browser history list. Viewing the history list will show what pages have been accessed from that browser recently. You can also clear the history list following instructions given in the browser help file.

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